Feeding Policy

Abbey Thoroughbreds is built on rich alluvial Hunter River flats that were previously used mainly for lucerne growing. This provides a great base for rearing and maintaining the condition of thoroughbred racehorses.

Spelling and Agistment packages are based on a standard feeding option using Abbey Feed Mix and high quality lucerne hay.

Abbey’s blended Feed Mix is a combination of a high protein non-oat grain mixture including Faba Beans and Sunflower, mixed with barley, molasses and lucerne chaff.

Abbey Feed Mix is supplemented by high grade Lucerne Hay and regular rotation of pastures which are all located on rich alluvial river flats previously used for lucerne growing.

Abbey Thoroughbreds will closely monitor the condition of your horse, and advise if there is a need to change the feeding program to better suit the needs of your horse.

Abbey Thoroughbreds will also try to accommodate specialised / requested feeding programs where possible. This may affect pricing if segregation of horses is required, but if you have an existing feeding program please let us know what suits you best and we will try and accommodate it.

Abbey Thoroughbreds also places a high emphasis on water quality. Each paddock contains a stock safe round concrete water trough fed by town water. These troughs are checked daily, and cleaned and flushed regularly, thus ensuring a high quality drinking water supply for all horses.