Fee Structure

Rates for Thoroughbred Racehorse Spelling (including Yearlings / Weanlings)

Standard Spelling / Agistment Package $15.00 per day

Rates for Broodmare Agistment

Maiden & Dry Mares outside of an active breeding season $15.00 per day

Mares in Foal / Maiden & Dry Mares during an active breeding season $16.50 per day

Mares with Foals at Foot $18.50 per day

Handling / Weaning Rate $500 one off fee

Foaling Fee $500 one off fee

Rehabilitation / Injury Treatment

Rates for Use of Stables / Day Yards for Treatment & Rehabilitation $25 per day

Pre-Training Rates

Standard Pre-Training Package $50 per day

Sale Preparation of Weanlings and Yearlings

Standard Sale Preparation Package $50 per day


If you wish to book a long term stay, or place more than two horses at the same time, ask us about the discount packages that are available for Standard Spelling & Agistment. Discounts are also available for horses being trained in Abbey Thoroughbreds’ affiliate racing stables.