Abbey Thoroughbreds have developed the facility with the safety and well being of your horse being the highest priority.

  • All fences are post and rail. There are no steel pickets used in the construction of any horse paddock fences.
  • All gates that adjoin horse paddocks have been custom made to match fence heights with steel tube frames and small diameter mesh inserts to prevent livestock from being able to get hooves caught in gates.
  • Fence height is 1.6 metres with a single strand electric wire offset above the top rail. This higher than normal rail placement discourages any attempt to clear fences and improves horse safety.

  • All wire is high quality white PVC coated ‘Horse–Sighter’ wire, with six strands to provide maximum livestock visibility and horse security.
  • Spelling paddocks range from the smallest paddock which is approximately 6 acres to the largest paddock which is approximately 12 acres.
  • Paddocks are fully separated by large laneways so that horses cannot make contact with other horses in adjoining paddocks. This also allows the safe segregation of colts and fillies.
  • Staff attend and inspect horses daily. Abbey Thoroughbreds also has a residence and stable complex on adjoining premises, meaning that staff are in close proximity to the horses at all times.
  • The adjoining training and stable complex allows for the full treatment and rehabilitation of injured horses. Horses are housed in a purpose built stable complex with a fully enclosed modern stable barn featuring large stables, safe day yards and a horse walking machine. The Muswellbrook racetrack and horse swimming facilities are also in close proximity, and can be used to assist with either rehabilitation or pre-training activities.

We encourage you to call us and arrange a visit so that you can inspect the facilities available for your valuable horses.